Most Important Features in a Rugged Smartphone

You’re investigating buying rugged phones yet you don’t know what to search for. With regards to buying a rugged smartphone for your business, the scene is totally different from when you’re picking your very own buyer gadget. While the furthest down the line Samsung Galaxy may be the ideal ally for your regular individual or business life, it’ll suck at conveying in an endeavor situation. However, why would that be? This post desires to give you some information on what to look for before buying rugged phones and guarantee you get the most obvious opportunity with regards to accomplishment in your portable endeavor arrangement whether it’s 1 or 100 gadgets.

5 Most Important Features in a Rugged Smartphone

1. Battery

As portable is assuming control over organizations and our own lives, battery life span has become the main issue we talk about day in an outing with planned purchasers. For big business gadgets, you need a truly extraordinary enormous inherent battery. Extra packs Are OK, yet exorbitant. They likewise aren’t tough or waterproof and regularly add a degree of intricacy to the gadget.

So a major base battery is what’s required. 4000mAh is the standard these days, yet the greater, the better. Our Raptor R5X has a class-driving 9000mah alternative which implies you can run your gadgets the entire day, without charging or purchase expensive assistants to keep them running.

2. Security

From all the rugged phones includes, this is presumably the main one to consider, as security is a major issue. As portable turns into the standard in business, having a gadget that isn’t sharing its information out without you thinking about it, isn’t satisfactory and potentially, in any event, overstepping the law. Continuously get some information about the Operating System, where it came from, and who created it, as the majority of the modest stuff emerging from China has a wide range of applications on them that would be a security supervisor’s bad dream.

This is additionally a test for anybody utilizing shopper cell phones from brands like Samsung, HTC, Google, and so on The issue with these gadgets is that you never entirely realize when they’re taking information off your telephone and some cell phones, like the most recent Galaxy gadgets and iPhones, will not allow you to utilize them without doing as such. In any case, is it right that your staff’s area information is being shared? So how would you get around this? We do it by bespoke our OS’s so they can be Google-associated or not.

We likewise strip out each piece of rebel application we can discover to leave a perfect, secure gadget prepared for business.

3. Quality

Customers, regardless of whether individuals or organizations request quality in what they purchase today. This implies that not exclusively does the item need to do what it’s expected yet the entire experience should be simple, basic, and simply work for quite a long time and not half a month. Likewise with the above area on security, search for the most basic Android experience you can get. Gadgets with bunches of applications stuffed into them are occupying important space and could likewise be doing numerous types in the background.

Additionally search for good fix benefits, an entryway, and a quick essential fix. These are an absolute necessity to keep your business running, as it’s an environment of items and administrations intended to help your business run easily. Finally, the actual item should be straightforward and simple to utilize and of extraordinary quality. An excessive number of gadgets have such a large number of additional items that break or make them confounding. The general guideline here is to ensure you’re getting as near the “vanilla” Android experience as you can.

Search for a gadget that is very much fabricated, is basic and simple to utilize and has the correct assistance in the spot to help you when you need it. This additionally must be done at the correct cost. The times of £1000 rough gadgets are gone, so don’t be tricked by the promotion on that. On the other side, modest £150 gadgets are only that… modest. Nobody is bringing in cash all things considered and you will lose it too as you get no help and no quality. £300-400 should see you get the correct harmony among quality and cost. Search for that center ground.


There’s a pattern right now in the cell phone industry that waterproof = tough, yet it’s a long way from that. An endeavor gadget should be completely tough, which means a ton of things, for example,

  • Being waterproof
  • Drop-evidence
  • Planned effectively
  • Tough highlights for long-haul use.

5. LCD Screens

Screen measures simply get greater and greater! Like with your cell phone, LCD screens should be greater nowadays. Ordinarily, 5″ is the sweet spot in the tough world however that is the place where the closeness closes. When purchasing your very own telephone, you’re wanting to see motion pictures, play games, and get the best tone from your LCD screen. So pixel thickness, resolution, and the most recent OLED board tech are the thing you’re pursuing.

Notwithstanding, on the off chance that one of your laborers is doing that on your business telephone, you haven’t picked the correct telephone. The issue with the entirety of this is that higher LCD specs need bunches of battery ability to run them. Give leaving your iPhone a shot the entire day and perceive how long it endures. You’ll see that having a gadget that can be utilized the entire day yet gives 8 hours of utilization is just achievable on the off chance that you cut out a portion of the superfluous LCD highlights.

While you shouldn’t search for the best in class here, their several things you should search for:

  • Initially ensure the screen resolution is a standard size. Quarter HD or even HD is awesome. In the event that not, creating programming or running applications can simply be somewhat more included.
  • Also, brightness is as yet significant since supposing that you’re utilizing your cell phone outside the entire day then you’ll need to have the option to handily understand it.

So there it is. In case you’re searching for another tough cell phone for your business and need any more assistance and counsel, don’t stop for a second to contact us!