Difference Between Felt Sleeves and Leather Sleeves


Do you want a case for your mobile phone or smartphone that provides optimum protection for your mobile device and also upgrades it with a special look? For the daily challenges, should the mobile phone sleeve be made of a flexible material that absorbs shocks and protects the phone? Our mobile phone cases and sleeves are made of natural felt and leather and are stylish little helpers that score with naturalness.

Felt Sleeves

The protective felt sleeve offers optimum protection and safety against damage from falls, scratches, dust, and dirt. For the tailor-made felt sleeves and cases, use only high-quality wool felt made from 100% virgin wool. Its natural ability to absorb impact through structure and material thickness make it particularly useful for mobile phone cases. It offers mobile phones with an optimal fit and a colorful appearance. It comes with preventive functions from nature.

Design meets functionality – premium phone protection

We all love the beautiful design of our smartphones and we all want to enjoy it without limits. We like to use our phones in their purity. This is why fitBAG designed a snug fit case that fits perfectly to Apple iPhone 8 / SE 2 (2020). Every single pouch is a unique item and handcrafted professionally just for you.

Besides the elegant ultra-thin design, your phone will be protected from scratches, dust, and light impacts and your display will be cleaned every time automatically. The integrated high-end microfibre ensures a clean display after a while of wearing.

Do you use any additions on your phone already?

If you have any wishes, for instance, if you want a sleeve that fits your device with an additional case, bumper, or similar – please do not hesitate to contact us before your purchase.

fitBAG promises 100% quality and wants to ensure a great customer experience – any issues or questions about the material, the functionality, colors, etc. will be friendly answered by our support. We also want to make sure you are highly satisfied with your unique item after your purchase – if you have any questions just drop us a mail and it will be answered quickly.

fitBAG Groove Pink Custom Tailored Sleeve for Apple iPhone 8 / SE 2 (2020) | Made in Germany | Fine Nappa Leather Pouch case Cover with Microfibre Lining for Display Cleaning



Leather Sleeves

Mobile phone cases and sleeves made of leather convince by their uniqueness of different colors and surfaces. The leather cases are made of durable and tear-resistant leather and are patient and receptive to daily wear and tear. The leather sleeve becomes your safety-oriented, nature-loving, and self-confident companion, which, together with the felt lining, protects your smartphone perfectly. It’s Enduring and calm like a bull…

Why buy from Mopaclle?

Mopaclle Protect your phone from everyday bumps, scratches, marks, and dust.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Note 8 Fits Otterbox Case, Otterbox Commuter, Battery Case On
  • Samsung Galaxy A50, Galaxy A70, Galaxy A71 5G, Galaxy A11, Galaxy M21 Fits Otterbox Case, Otterbox Commuter Case
  • Huawei Mate 30 Pro, Huawei Mate 40 Pro, T-Mobile Revvl 5G, T-Mobile Revel 4+, One Plus 8 Fits Otterbox Case
  • We have been tested fits for these smartphones. If you have any questions, contact Mopaclle
  • The soft liner inside for phone protection
  • Bottom cutout allows you to push and pull out the phone easily
  • Integrated ID card slot to store ID and credit cards

Mopaclle Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Holster Case, Premium Leather Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Belt Clip Case Holster Pouch Sleeve Phone Belt Holder for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 9/ Note 10+ (Fits w/ Commuter Case On)









Difference Between Felt Sleeves And Leather Sleeves

The felt sleeve or case for smartphones: Light as a feather or all-round protection with additional benefits.
The basis for all our smartphones cases and sleeves is felt, and the material: Wool felt is particularly light and has a low specific weight, but still has a high degree of strength to absorb shocks. Felt is the material for cases and sleeves and reliably protects your mobile phone from dirt and scratches. The soft textile material provides an incomparable feel and a stylish appearance. In addition, felt sleeves take up little space and can be used as a base for the devices. Whereas, the Leather sleeve and case give stability in more stressed areas.
Leather is breathable and has a pleasant feel, which means it is kind to the skin and you like to touch it. Leather exudes a pronounced yet pleasant smell and is easy to clean. Leather has natural elasticity and adapts to the equipment during use, offers durability, is tear-resistant, and durable. Leather protects against wetness, is timeless, and captivates with its special natural look which gets patina during use and thus becomes more and more beautiful and valuable. The leather sleeve with the natural appearance in combination with the felt of Merino wool, which we use in the mobile phone cases, is probably what makes the cell phone sleeves so distinctive for enthusiasts.


Handmade felt and leather sleeves for  Smartphones. The felt and leather cases are lovingly manufactured from natural materials suitably for the phone models.

The felt sleeve with added value: How often do you have a lot of utensils with you that you don’t need at the moment? In many mobile phone cases, your EC or credit card and some changes have space in a pocket. Of course, you also have the shopping list or the notepad as a reminder in the mobile phone case with an additional pocket.

The leather sleeves optimally protect your mobile phone, it provides the leather sleeves with a lining of the finest wool felt. And so, it combines the advantages of the two natural materials felt and leather to protect your mobile electronics from glass breakage and other accidental damages.


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