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Difference between LCD, LED, Plasma, and Smart TVs

Knowing the  difference between LED, LCD, Plasma, and Smart TVs is important. Although, the main difference is basically the use of different technologies. Below, we’ve highlighted the difference in these TV technologies and also drafted out a features comparation table for better understanding.

Difference between LCD, LED, Plasma, and Smart TVs

What is LCD?

LCD term means ‘Liquid Crystal Display’. As by its name, LCD TV has an innovation of liquid crystal to show the pictures on the screen. Its body is level with a lighter load than the past forms as CRT (Cathode Ray Tube). LCD TV has the most minimal costs than fresher newer TV as LED.


  • Use Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lights (CCFLs) to enlighten the screen. CCFLs are like glaring lights. They utilize charged gas to create light.
  • Can be utilized both as a superb PC screen and an astonishing TV without forfeiting picture quality.
  • Contain motion blur on lower end models.
  • Have backdrop illumination consistency issues.
  • Have restricted survey point.

What is LED TV?

LED means “Light Emitting Diode”. The LED’s require more backdrop illumination, which is acquired by numerous diodes. These diodes communicate the signs as dynamic and negative terminals (cathode and anode). LED TV runs with magnificent energy productivity giving an exceptionally characterized picture. The normal LED TVs are just utilized with media players, for example, Blue-Ray gadgets and set up boxes. These gadgets are next adaptation of LCDs. These are not most recent in the innovation and not the least as well.


  • The screen size of LED TV’s beginnings from 21 inch and have various from 28 – 32, 39 – 43, 48 – 55, 60 and above
  • Use Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to make the pictures on the screen.
  • Offer super differentiation proportions — the most brilliant white to the haziest dark a TV is equipped for delivering.
  • Are lightweight, simple to wall mount, and portable starting with one room then onto the next.
  • Work similarly well in dull or brilliantly lit rooms.
  • Are profoundly productive power customers. Contingent upon the arrangement and screen size, Samsung’s LED TVs in standard mode can be up to 50 percent more proficient than the most recent ENERGY STAR details.

What is Plasma HD TVs?

Plasma TV is a TV display innovation in which every pixel on the screen is enlightened by a smidgen of plasma (charged gas). The plasma is encased between two flimsy sheets of glass.

Plasma display are by and large considered to offer better dim room seeing and more extensive viewing points than LCD. Plasma TVs are accessible in sizes from 37 inches to more than 100 inches, estimated slantingly. Plasma can be defenseless against consume in, a marvel where weak, lasting “phantoms” show up on presentations that have kept a fixed picture for significant stretches of time.

Instances of such pictures incorporate the bars seen when viewing 4:3 video on a widescreen display or the continually running ticker seen on certain shows or channels. Most recent models have consume in avoidance highlights, yet these may not generally be 100% powerful. Be that as it may, some plasma TVs likewise can eliminate burn-in should it happen.

Sellers of plasma TVs incorporate Fujitsu, Funai, Gradiente, Lanix, LG, Panasonic, Proscan, Samsung and Sanyo.

Plasma HD TVs

  • Have screens that light up little cells of gases (xenon and neon) between two plates of glass, which offer extremely splendid and crisp pictures even on a huge screen surface.
  • Contain phosphors that make the picture on the screen light up themselves and don’t need backdrop illumination.
  • Offer a huge screen size which goes regularly from 42″ to 63″.
  • Work well in faintly lit rooms which is incredible for watching motion pictures.
  • Offer high contrast ratios, flawlessly immersed colors, and take into account wide viewing points — which means each seat in the house is an incredible one.
  • Can track quick pictures without motion blur, in this way plasma is ideal for watching activity pressed games or playing computer games. The sharpness of visual detail is bewildering.

What is Smart TV?

Smart TV is an electronic gadget which can be associated with web and can get to different highlights without any problem. You will have a ton of default applications which are moving across the globe. You can project your portable, use HDMI from your PC and get a greater encounter. There are numerous organizations who creates smart television and the mainstream brands are Sony, Samsung, LG, Mi, Panasonic, Onida and more.


Smart TVs cost is colossal when contrasted with LED and LCD. With the cost of 32-inch smart television you can 42-inch LED Tv, however the costs of shrewd TV are higher you will have a great deal of highlights which are not accessible in LED Tv and LCD TV. Shrewd TVs can work with no presentation particular though LED and LCD can’t.

Smart TV is known to have its earthbound organizations, substance, and channels, while LED TV gives the channels gave by the transmission networks, and the channels of LCD TV likewise comes by means of the telecaster. Smart TV are the most recent in decision for some individuals. There are numerous new highlights accessible in this most recent gadget.

Feature Smart TV LED TV LCD TV Plasma TV
Internet connection Yes No No No
Light Emitting Diode Yes Yes No No
Streaming apps Yes No No No
Cast your mobile Yes No No No
Voice Assistant Yes No No No
Download Apps Yes No No No


Now that you’ve known the difference between an LCD, LED, Plasma, and Smart TV, making a choice incase you want to buy a new TV would be much easier.